Dumb Phone

This is a reminder to myself: You are chained to that smart phone and shouldn’t forget it. You aren’t chained to a smart phone and shouldn’t forget it.

I’ve been giving some long and hard thought to giving up my iPhone in favor of a dumb phone and simplifying my day-to-day communication tech. The result that I came to was that I’m stuck with it. At this point in my life, these are the things I’m having issue separating with: I started writing this post to convince myself and serve as a reminder that I don’t want to give up some conveniences in exchange simplicity. With some time and thought, I realized that I was wrong and now this article’s purpose is the opposite. I started creating a list of apps and rituals that I don’t want to change or give up, but the list split into two: Things I can’t do without and things that would be costly to change. The first list is now empty.

These are the things I can’t live without:

This second list are the things that I can change, but would be difficult to do or wouldn’t be cheap to do so.