IOT and Home automation, 10 months later

In December of 2013 I was given a SmartThings kit and that kicked off a home automation project. I didn’t go all-out and try to automate all the things, but instead tackled a single area, specifically my home office. Nearly 10 months later, I hardly think about it but use it every single day.

This started with some z-wave light switches and the SmartThings kit. I use a motion/presence detector (battery powered) that detects movement in the office. The z-wave light switches are used to software control the lights and then my phone is connected to the SmartThings system to determine when I’m nearby.

That isn’t the only system in place, but it is the one that I use the most. Additionally, I’ve got motion sensors in other parts of the house, including on the garage door, and presense fobs in the cars. I also have a nest installed as well as door locks that support z-wave.

So what is next? I’d like to get the rest of the light switches in the house replaced with z-wave switches and find a way to automate the garage door. Having an “away mode” able to turn off all of the lights, lock the doors and set the nest tempature would be nice too. Maybe someday.