48 Hours Playing Sim City

Sim City was released last week and there was a lot of attention given to some launch issues. I’ve been itching to play, so Carolyn and I picked up copies on Friday after work. 48 hours later, here I am.

Server Issues

NONE. Really, none.

I was expecting some delays or queues given that there no offline gameplay, but there wasn’t any. When I first installed it, it did automatically select an eastern eurpean game server, but I went back and selected on of the north American ones (NA East 3, I believe).

Carolyn had one hiccup on Saturday where she couldn’t create a game instance (from) the launcher, but after restartnig the launcher we saw that there was a patch, so I suspect it was a version issue.

Altogether, game play has been pretty flawless. We’ve been playing together, as in within a single contenent that I created, and we’ve been able to have our cities interact and see the great works that the other started.

All-in-all, there haven’t been any issues.

Different Game, Same Name

I’ve been playing Sim City for a while now. Granted, I’m not as hardcore as some people, but I’ve broken out spreadsheets and number crunch RCI placement. This game, is really unlike all of the Sim City games that have come before. In some ways, I wish they gave it a new name.

The big difference is that although you can solo an entire region, the game is meant to be played with someone else. When you’ve got a few people independently creating and managing cities, it adds some variety to the game that feels unnatural when it is inject by AI.

What is a lot of fun is working on great works together. Carolyn started an archology which benefits everyone in a region. Although she fronted the money for it, I started sending alloys and metals which helped progress it along.

What I’ve Learned (The Hard Way)

Here are some of the things that I wish that I knew and learned along the way: