Raspberry Pi

My first Raspberry Pi arrived and I’m itching to make something with it. The only thing is, I’m not exactly sure what to make. Here are a few things ideas that I’ve been kicking around.

Torrent Box - This could be fun, but I’ve already got one. A few years ago we picked up a Buffalo LinkStation and it has been great for us. I’m hesitant to make another torrent box just because right now we don’t need one. If our current one every fails, this project will be at the top of the list.

Web Server - Meh, between linode, S3 and GitHub, I don’t have much need for one.

Weather Station - Lets face it, I live in southern California where there is (mostly) accurate weather information available at all times. This would be fun to make as a science project with Vanessa, but not very useful.

Tor Relay - This could be cool to build and make available, but is low on the list due to risk.

Arcade Machine - I’ve seen some pretty neat arcade boxes made, but every time I think about making one, I’m reminded of how little time I actually spend playing video games.

Sensor Network - I think it would be really fun to build an in-home sensor network. Detecting what lights are on and being able to control them, making a car-in-garage sensor, tracking electricity usage, etc etc. What keeps me from doing this is the fact that I don’t own a home yet and I don’t think it would be wise to mod a house that I rent. Maybe some day.

Backup System - Having some sort of network storage and software to manage backups would be ok, but I already own a few USB drives that I use for that sort of thing.

Alarm Clock - Making some sort of smart alarm clock could be a good idea. The stuff that I’m most interested in knowing in the morning is (a) the time (b) items on my calendar for the day/week © weather (d) email summary. With a Raspberry Pi, I think this could be done pretty well. Depending on the case/form factor and the display, it could get a little pricey.

Media/Pandora Player - Another neat idea would be to make a small Pandora/media player. Depending on the player/features, having a simple lcd screen and a few push buttons would be another to support stop/start/next song/next station.