Arch Linux

I switched over to Arch from Ubuntu and love it. Being a fan of Gentoo (and Slackware back in the day), I really appreciate the minimialistic nature of the OS and the powerfull package management system, pacman.

  • The base install was pretty quick, but I had to do some extra research to get wifi working during the install process. The documentation was kinda thin there.
  • I installed only what I immediately use and the base install is pretty light and fast. Boot up is extremely fast.
  • AUR has everything that I use. I am pretty impressed that there are community packages for the latest IntelliJ ultimate edition, Sublime Text and Google Talk browser plugins.
  • Everything just worked immediately. Nvidia drivers, SD card slot and webcam worked perfectly directly out of the install. No additional configuration or 3rd party packages required.

Again, I'm really impresseed at how smooth the install went and how available all of the development tools that I use are.